AXion has developed a comprehensive process to manage expendable and consumable materials needed in multiple sites throughout a Petrochemical or Energy plant. Our integrated logistics process reduces the transactional costs and eliminates the use of a company's resources to manage low dollar value, high usage materials. As a third party integrator, AXion is committed to meet the needs and expectations of each customer focusing on the following areas:

  • Integrated transport and logistics services for industrial repair and maintenance projects.
  • Deliver, provide, and manage high use parts and materials for turnarounds or scheduled maintenance projects.
  • Deliver specialized or large parts for construction or repair and maintenance projects.
  • Manage materials for industrial construction, repair, and scheduled maintenance projects.
  • Manage transportation, inventory, and warehousing during repair or scheduled maintenance projects.
  • Site Store Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management

While each of these is important, the key benefit that AXion offers is its independence; we are not a distributor. All of our fees are based on services provided, not on mark-ups or percentage of purchases. In this way, our customers are paying for our services and they are assured of obtaining the best prices available from their suppliers.

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