Supplier Information
AXion Logistics, as a third party integrator will provide inventory management, product ordering, pick up and delivery, and restocking of your product at the plant. As part of that process we will provide performance measurement reports to you as a supplier. In order to complete the ordering process, we will transmit your orders via EDI 850's and receive 997's and 856's back from you.

Purchase Order (850) - Suppliers will be able to receive and process 850 X12 version 2002 purchase orders. AXion uses the 850 to transmit purchase orders.

Functional Acknowledgements (997) - Suppliers will respond to an 850 with a 997. The 997 confirms to AXion that the order was received, and indicates any problems with the transmitted format.

Advanced Ship Notice (856) - Suppliers will provide AXion with 856 transaction details on the orders that will be filled.

Refer to the Overview Section for implementation and general EDI information.

Please see the Vendor Inquire Document to collect Vendor information.

Supplier Guidelines Overview Standards  
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856 Advanced Shipping Notice 856 003020 003020
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